Booking 101 – Every Sunday at 5:00 PM we release the following weeks schedule for booking. Select memberships get early access booking 24 hours in advance.

Cancellations – As a courtesy to other clients and our instructors, you must cancel a class before the scheduled class time in order to avoid a no show penalty.  If you haven’t cancelled, you will forfeit one credit and will be charged a $20 no-show fee. You can call our studio and we will be happy to assist you. If you are needing to cancel a membership, please email our studio before 11:59 PM the last day of the month to make the following 1st your final payment. 

Wait List – If a class is full, join the wait list!  We will add clients on a first come first served basis as spots become available.  You will be notified that you are added via email.  The same cancellation policies described above will apply to waitlisted clients.  If you are on our wait list and cannot attend class, please remove yourself to avoid a penalty.  

Late Policy – Once the instructor begins class, your spot is eligible for wailist or walk-in clients to have. We will only secure your spot up to the start time of your class. 

Childcare – For a discounted rate and more information please visit or contact 

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HIIT LIVE Kristen 7:30 AM
Cycle LIVE Bailey 9:30 AM
MegaMat LIVE Emma 11:30 AM
HIIT LIVE Tori 4:45 PM
Yoga LIVE Sumiya 5:30 PM
HIIT LIVE Jessica 7:30 AM
Cycle LIVE Andrea 9:30 AM
Cycle30 LIVE Bailey 11:30 AM
MegaMat LIVE Andrea 3:30 PM
Kickboxing LIVE Tori 4:45 PM
Ass, Arms & Abs LIVE Tori 5:30 PM
HIIT LIVE Kristen 7:30 AM
HIIT LIVE Hannah 9:30 AM
MegaMat LIVE Emma 11:30 AM
Cycle LIVE Becca 3:30 PM
HIIT LIVE Hope 4:45 PM
Cycle LIVE Bailey 5:30 PM
HIIT LIVE Jessica 7:30 AM
MegaMat LIVE Hannah 9:30 AM
Cycle30 LIVE Lindsay 11:30 AM
Cycle LIVE Becca 3:30 PM
Kickboxing LIVE Hope 4:45 PM
Ass, Arms & Abs LIVE Hope 5:30 PM
Cycle LIVE Andrea 8:30 AM
MegaMat LIVE Madison 9:30 AM
TGIF Yoga LIVE Vanessa 1:00 PM
MegaMat LIVE Andrea 5:30 PM
Cycle LIVE Erin 9:30 AM